Success is not what you see, but what you feelIng the era of glitz and fame, where everybody is a part of the rat race with the desire of achieving the materialistic and soulful dreams, we get stuck at the crossroads of opportunities, with no clue of going forward. With a few reasons to hold on and million others to give up, I am aiming to strive. They say ‘Winners don’t do different things, they do the things differently’. 

That being said I’m no different!! Like everybody else I have ambitions and have day dreamt about accomplishing it. Without chalking out an entire blueprint, but a strong conviction I started my journey from the scratch. The steady and constant efforts helped me to become the ‘most viewed writer’ in ‘software testing’ on Quora 

A difficult phase 

A phoenix rises from the ashes, I have a similar story, well a little less intense, however I feel pride in it. The early 20’s is a challenging phase for any person. Personally, and professionally, I was going through a similar tough phase and was trying hard to figure out the right direction. On one such day, my boss happened to recommend, ‘You will learn a lot through writing’, and trust me those words proved golden!!! 

The Struggle Days

 Initially when I tried my hand at a social networking platform. I could not pull in readers like I do today. To be honest, I had 10 views and probably 2 followers. There were days, when I was utterly disappointed, however every time I began again, I started off with more enthusiasm and determination. After several rigorous attempts I realized, maybe the platform wasn’t appropriate for me.

Turning Point

Being the planner of your own life isn’t as simple as it appears, thanks to my stars, a colleague recommended trying my skills on Quora. “Whattt” “Who peruses Quora” were the first words that popped out of my mouth!!! I wasn’t enthused by the thought, anyway I did not want to leave any stone unturned and thus started my revolutionary journey on Quora. Obviously! I did an extensive research about Quora, its services, followers, concepts, articles and trends. 

I read a few articles, followed a couple of bloggers, and soon I was all set to take off my heart filling journey on Quora. I created my profile on Quora with anticipation and 0 followers.Being well-versed in software testing, I begun looking for questions in the same domain, my search ended at: Which is the best, white box testing or black box testing?

I concentrated to answer in the best style with the best suited words. I did not want to compromise on the quality, I read, investigated nearly everything to make certain about what I write.

Day in and day out, I wrote and then rewrote in improved versions to reach a refined final touch. 

It took me nearly two days to add pictures, quote an example, insert the hyperlinks, set the alignment, and highlight the essential information (and so much more).

19 Aug 2018: Finally, I clicked SUBMIT. I convinced my mind not to overthink it and went to sleep.Next day, on my bed, with half opened eyes, I was amazed. 

Popularity on Quora

BOOM!! It went VIRAL!!! To my surprise, readers’ responses kept pouring in for the next three days. I was overwhelmed, I was finally able to reach people and give those answers that they were looking for, and I finally felt like I had achieved the first step towards my goal.Imagine! 200k views.

Students and Professionals connected with me on LinkedIn. I was that much closer to the home run. They say, it is an overnight success, but my restless mind will tell a completely different tale.

The MOST VIEWED WRITER in SOFTWARE TESTING on Quora! Again, this just means I must work much harder, to ensure my answers are precise, honest, cohesive, relatable and most importantly contains the accurate data. Indeed, the tried and tested mantra!!!

The Start up

Hello! Do you take classes for automation? I got you from Quora. That question made all the difference, and suggestions from my close friends to continue writing and chose teaching played the catalyst in my life. I decided to go with a startup. 

In the meanwhile, I was voted as most viewed on Quora. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who appreciated my work.This idea of teaching profession somewhere stayed in my thoughts but never reached a strong spot.

Despite the fact, I always had mental makings of a writer, but I never really thought to make it a full-fledged career. 

Nevertheless, my friends, found this profession with a splendid future and supported that the thought is entirely great in the present situation of employments and careerI began to see more positive inferences; as I dwelt on the idea of teaching.

Test Automation Academy 

Finally!! I mustered the courage to open an academy. I started working on some tailored lectures, visited a couple of websites and watched tutorials to see precisely how I could add value and make it standout. My goal was never to be the best teacher, but to be a proficient one, who could help them choose a right direction in their deciding phase when the confusion is very high.

It fills my heart with immense satisfaction if I can help anyone with my guidance, I always make a point to use my life’s experience wisely. Besides, working for Multi National Company, I was broke and had struggled for bread and butter.

Luckily, I am blessed to have friends who are supportive, kind and have never thought twice before lending a helping hand. They worked day and night to turn this dream into reality. My first academy was coined as “Automation Testing academy”. I had faced a bad time professionally which is why I decided the prime objective of organization will be to: 

1. Provide courses that add value to the skillset & resume
2. Help enhance their career by teaching advance automation testing and deployment strategy.

I was keeping an eye on every inch of the institute. I am not bragging; though, it isn’t an exaggeration that the academy became the talk of the town in a few months. As I was receiving lots of requests from other demographic regions, I planned to introduce interactive online classes which are conducted by me. For the hands-on practice, the software environment is created, in case of any doubt or query, the students instantly discuss via the interactive platform. 

Gradually, the academy grew globally. 

My reward was when my students made it to the jobs they were aiming for. I lived many of my dreams through them and their success stories filled my heart with satisfaction and joy.

They say sky is the limit, my career saw some news highs, when I opened an academy on other continents, Australia, America to name a few.

The energy that worked behind this success is hidden in the motto “excel in your craft and go beyond comfort zone”.

 I am yet to reach the pinnacle of success, until then I will continue to march on taking everything in its stride. I am what my students are. My students are what I want to be!