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Software Testing Course
About the Course
Test Automation Academy’s Software Testing Course Master Class will help you in becoming an expert automation test engineer with a focus on software development and quality assurance
The course structure is created in such a way that you not only learn the tools through out the software testing course but all master it. 
Each course module is dependent on another module. 

So if you are hoping that you want to learn Selenium, you need to master SCM and GIT. Each module is supported with an exam that you need to pass!

This is an Adaptive learning process helps you master all the latest automation tools LIVE with me. 

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Course Cost
₹ 15,000
Master Class
Learn Java and JavaScript
Master UI Automation tools
Learn API Automation Tools like Postman and Rest assured
Learn SCM GIT and linux commands
Master DevOps tools like Jenkins, GitLab Runner and Docker!
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Students all over the world!!
Clearly structured information, everything is well explained. The quality of the programme is wonderful. An amazing experience which I’ve participated in and I would recommend it to everyone!
Thank you for this wonderful course. I was completely beginner to programming and automation but after going through your course I am feeling very confident to pursue my career in Automation testing. Jatin, your teaching is very engaging and got all my queries answered properly.
Great that I met Jatin! Personally he is such a wonderful person who likes to share his knowledge and also a great advisor. As an industry level expert he has a versatile technical skills in automation. The course is well structured that it focuses on key skills required for automation.I would recommend anyone to subscribe to his courses and also read his posts on Quora (which I don’t miss).
Punit S