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Test Automation Academy
Social Rating
Based on 73 reviews
Test Automation Academy
Social Rating
Based on 7 reviews

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Sandeep Patil
Sandeep P.
12:11 26 Feb 20
He is the best trainer to give the DevOps with Selenium Automation Training, the way he is explaining the concepts is fantastic. He is very good, polite, friendly nature and he is supports at anytime like creating awesome resume, provide mock interview sessions etc.., personally I preferred who want take automation testing with DevOps tools training with Java,He is the best one Thanks a lot …Jatin
Bhanu Sisodia
Bhanu S.
19:26 24 Feb 20
Jatin is a excellent tutor. same goes for the course material. Everything is planned from basic to advanced.This shows that how much effort he has put in drafting the course material. Most important thing is he will give assignment and take feedback/ reverse knowledge session just before the class which encourage us to do revision of the course :)Overall I am happy with the Test Automation Academy.
15:58 23 Feb 20
Jatin is very detailed in his lectures and ensures you understand the concepts and can comfortably use them in your day to day Work Project.
Sane Roy
Sane R.
13:18 06 Feb 20
Agathur Samy
Agathur S.
09:07 31 Dec 19
Detailed explanation with easy to understand examples. Lovely class by Jatin. Highly recommend this for anyone looking for career progression in software testing.
Arun Pandey
Arun P.
17:22 29 Dec 19
Jatin is a awesome teacher and his live classes are very clear and informative.Jatin got me started with Unreal. He is a great help. He is very knowledgeable and truly knew his material well. I am very happy with him.He is excellent at explaining things and sharing QA/Automation interview related questions and tricks. He guides and makes his students to work in a innovative and progressive way. He is the best so far. I will highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to start their career in QA/ switch to Automation testing/ career growth.
Pritam Dige
Pritam D.
13:21 29 Dec 19
A very good tutor, possessing really good knowledge on Automation and Devops. The course structure is really helpful. Also the tutor provides attention to each and every individual personally.
Suraj Kharat
Suraj K.
19:32 28 Dec 19
Experienced, engaging and patient tutor ! Jatin is very experienced and knowledgeable person. The course designed by him is beneficial for both freshers as well as experience candidate.The syllabus covers each & every topic in detailed which helps to understand the concept thorougly. I would recommend this course whoever wants to switch from manual testing to automation testing. Jatin has excellent teaching skills.@Jatin – Thank you very much for your valuable time
Prachi Gurav
Prachi G.
13:21 28 Dec 19
Great teaching!! Best course designed by Jatin.I would recommend his course to gain knowledge of automation and devops. Great teaching skills which would be helpful to understand the concepts thoroughly.
Pratik Sidam
Pratik S.
06:51 28 Dec 19
It was a great learning experience and all the lectures were detailed and concise.
Vinit Thakur
Vinit T.
17:18 27 Dec 19
I learned many new concept which helps me in my project..Best teaching method and explanation with real time example which boost my knowledge and enhance my skills.Thanks, Jatin for your support and helping me 24 *7, it really helps me a lot.I would suggest any non technical person can also learned the technical skills,through the way Jatin taught. Your main focus is on to give practical knowledge rather than theoritical.The practical assignments really helps me to boost up my skill.Thanks for your support it’s really helps me alot…..
Sunaina Sharma
Sunaina S.
11:45 27 Dec 19
The lectures are certainly the best I ever had.He used clear and interesting examples to teach his material. Also he possesses the highest level of knowledge on the subject and he has made this module the most interesting and the best module I have ever taken.I think, No one can teach this module better. Thanks alot jatin for your hard work and precious time to give me classes.
Vasanth Jayakumar
Vasanth J.
09:48 27 Dec 19
Had a excellent experience. You will not be disappointed. He explains the concepts very clearly in a way you can learn quickly. He shares the real-time experience and I would recommend it for the people who want to learn Java, API ,complete CI&CD and further more. Thanks!
Harsh Bharadwaj
Harsh B.
09:46 27 Dec 19
A complete resume builder. Recommended for QAs who need to step up and outperform. The way of teaching by Jatin is very good.
Jaidev Singh Sawhney
Jaidev Singh S.
08:47 27 Dec 19
Excellent tutor, structured approach and awesome teaching skills. The course is designed in such a way to provide maximum exposure of the latest technology being used in Industry. I would highly recommend this course to freshers and also working professionals who want groth in their career path.
subinay kumar Sahu
subinay kumar S.
08:00 27 Dec 19
Covers all the essential topics for automation testing and very in-depth…
Syed Aamir Mehdi Hasni
Syed Aamir Mehdi H.
07:58 27 Dec 19
Best tutor !!!I enrolled for one course but looking to enroll for all relevant courses taught by Jatin !!!
Amit kori
Amit K.
07:30 22 Nov 19
It’s great experience to join test automation academy,everything is in detail explanation .All the topics are covered which is required for the automation Exposure as well as for the CI integration and Q/A portal or we can say study materials is provided to revised the topics.Keep it up jatin.keep going. 🙂
Peeyush Padhi
Peeyush P.
07:21 10 Nov 19
A really very very good and impeccably designed course that Jatin has come up with. As the word goes, it is actually a zero to hero situation!Thoroughly recommended coming from a proud student
Nancy Gulati
Nancy G.
03:16 06 Nov 19
15:53 05 Nov 19
Great course for setting your foot into the Test Automation field. Jatin is a good teacher andhelps you grasp with the basic concepts quite easily.
mohammed Illyaz
mohammed I.
16:46 21 Oct 19
Excellent author, best tutor. The course is designed in such a way that caters every industry’s demand. ATD given to individuals. And a great human being 🙂
Arvind Muthukrishnan
Arvind M.
10:55 20 Oct 19
One of the best institute for learning test automation and DevOps. The course content is very well designed as per the market demand. Jatin is an excellent teacher. He has strong knowledge on DevOps and automation. His method of teaching is very practical oriented and include many relevant examples. He has excellent ability to explain any complex topic with such simplicity so that anyone can understand. This course is very useful for anyone who wants to switch to automation role from manual testing and also anyone who wants to learn automation and DevOps in detail.
Ammara Ansari
Ammara A.
10:50 20 Oct 19
Best academy to do your automation testing with lots of help and practical. Jatin is a great mentor and full of knowledge.
Anushree Shenoy
Anushree S.
08:19 20 Oct 19
Test Automation Academy is a great site to learn automation. The set of courses provided here are best suitable for freshers and experienced folks. This has helped me when I was trying to give interviews and also day to day work. The best part is that the course material is created by the industry experts. I would like to suggest people reading this review to subscribe to this site if you are serious about interviews and growth in career.
sheetal sheetal
sheetal S.
07:53 20 Oct 19
Keerthi punna
Keerthi P.
06:26 19 Oct 19
It’s been a month that I have joined automation classes.. Would recommend to everyone.. Worth joining the class if you want to excell in test.Provides great stuff for every topic as well..:-) passionate teacher who explains every topic really good @jatin
k S
k S
19:52 30 Aug 19
Learnt a lot of about automation testing from Jatin..The best online course to go for learning automation testing..Highly Recommended👍
juhi thakur
juhi T.
15:57 29 Aug 19
Best place to gain knowledge.Awesome teaching skills, Good Infrastructure. Excellent platform for all those who are passionate regarding their careers.
Shobhit Srivastava
Shobhit S.
12:45 28 Aug 19
Very Good Course Structure.. Covers everything required for a complete Automation engineer.. Jatin is very patient and he teaches basic to advanced concepts in detail and also helps with resume and interview preparations. I would highly recommend Test Automation Academy to folks looking to upgrade their skills in automation or enter the automation field.
Sheenam Kapoor
Sheenam K.
01:57 28 Aug 19
Best place to clear all coding concepts. satisfactory work !
puja journeys
puja J.
19:14 27 Aug 19
Worth investing in test automation academy
Sahitya Varma
Sahitya V.
01:52 26 Aug 19
1)Essentially during my initial days in the course when i was taking budding steps in the IT career , Jatin helped me to understand how better to move ahead in professional career . 2)In a way i could say that he is always a go to person and always very patient enough to clear my doubts for any kind of clarification either during class or when we solve assignments.3)As it was the weekend batch that i was into , he always planned our week with sufficient amount of tasks to practice so as to get ourselves prepared by Saturday Noon and conducts exams after every topic on weekend for us to understand where we are or to keep a track on our progress.4)Jatin never fails to recognise our strengths and also places we we are required to groom ourselves better by conducting special one to one discussions and also doubt solving sessions during the week .5)He sounds really very clear when he is teaching and the examples he quote for the concepts he teach during sessions really makes very easy for us to understand or remember during interviews which keeps us engaging throughout his class .Overall i could say that i am very much benefited with the course as jatin has planned the course in a very correct manner as finally when we reach the end of the course we see that it is the whole big framework that got covered until now .
Raj Chenna
Raj C.
16:19 25 Aug 19
Worth investing in learning automation.Best Automation classes for learning automation from scratch.
10:31 11 Apr 19
I was looking for job and Jatin Sir actually helped me out in learning Automation Testing and DevOps. I would recommend test automation academy to every student and employees.
Shashank Dube
Shashank D.
13:13 02 Apr 19
Good for learning automation testing.
himanshu yadav
himanshu Y.
19:44 27 Mar 19
Compared to udemy courses i feel this course taught automation testing pretty well. Thank you Jatin!!!
Pravin Lolage
Pravin L.
10:57 05 Feb 19
He is good at explaining the concepts, positive attitude. Also an expertise in Automation of processes.
kardo 07
kardo 0.
12:05 04 Feb 19
I found jatin from quora. He has helped me in getting a Job. He taught me automation testing using selenium and java and helped me move from manual testing to automation
prathamesh parab
prathamesh P.
09:13 04 Feb 19
Jatin helped me in getting a job thanks for teaching me automation testing. Thanks!
Latha favourite
Latha F.
12:40 30 Dec 18
Very good and informative sessions , jatin you are so good in explaining the topics in a simple and easy to understand.
Bhagyashree Nahata
Bhagyashree N.
07:37 27 Dec 18
Jatin has been helping me with Java programming for a while now and he has been nothing but an amazing tutor! He’s very patient when it comes to helping me with my silly doubts. He goes through them with me and makes sure I understand everything perfectly 🙂Edit : Today I have cleared my ISTQB Foundation Level software testing certification (CTFL). I most definitely owe my success to Jatin’s sheer determination, fluid explanation of even the hard topics and most importantly his patience with my stupid questions.
Punith S
Punith S
09:17 24 Dec 18
Great that I met Jatin! Personally he is such a wonderful person who likes to share his knowledge and also a great advisor. As an industry level expert he has a versatile technical skills in automation. The course is well structured that it focuses on key skills required for automation.I would recommend anyone to subscribe to his courses and also read his posts on Quora (which I don’t miss).
waseem athar
waseem A.
01:03 09 Nov 18
Good words are really widespread about him. Very thorough with concepts and has a deep understanding of the subject.will recommend 10/10.
raj singh
raj S.
21:06 08 Nov 18
This one is a great and well-structured test automationcourse that is explained thoroughly and easy to understand. Thank you Jatin, you did a great job !! It helped learn automation testing project from scratch. Highly recommended!
Rajshree Nahata
Rajshree N.
16:54 08 Nov 18
bharat nahata
bharat N.
16:20 08 Nov 18
Best academy if you want to learn abt automation and courses are perfectly designed.
Ankit Bajaj
Ankit B.
16:15 08 Nov 18
You will see an example of dedication..!
Vishwanath Sharma
Vishwanath S.
18:12 06 Nov 18
Soniya Jadhav
Soniya J.
11:11 06 Nov 18
This is one of the best course i have enrolled.Jatin is very knowledgeable person. He explains all concepts in detail from scratch and student don’t have to worry if he or she don’t have prior experience in automation. Jatin covers all the topic and helps a lot!
10:58 06 Nov 18
I finished this course recently live with Jatin, and I can say that it is absolutely amazing person, He designed the syllabus very well and Jatin has an amazing way of making you understand every testing tools, he explained how/when and what tools to use in automation testing with live handson which no educator teach,A lot of institute charge so high fees on the other hand jatin just charged 9000 Inr. I am pretty sure he is a worst business man because he doesn’t think of profit but focuses on quality teaching!Thanks Jatin πŸ™‚ God Bless you
Kumar Shishir
Kumar S.
06:34 02 Nov 18
ashik antala
ashik A.
05:20 02 Nov 18
Great course learnt a lot about automation and devops. Thanks Jatin
Vironica Zijoo
Vironica Z.
18:21 01 Nov 18
Great experience, great teaching, great tutor. Jatin’s teaching gives lot of confidence to a person who doesnt know anything about Automation Testing. Thank you for the wonderful learning.
Anjali chauhan
Anjali C.
17:16 01 Nov 18
I knew nothing about Selenium, but now I can automate any project that can come my way because of the help of Jatin . When I got stuck, you were always there for me. Thanks a lot for all your assistance and help
Siddhesh Ingawale
Siddhesh I.
12:53 01 Nov 18
Thank you for this wonderful course. I was completely beginner to programming and automation but after going through your course I am feeling very confident to pursue my career in Automation testing. Jatin, your teaching is very engaging and got all my queries answered properly.
Ajnkya Pradhan
Ajnkya P.
12:32 01 Nov 18
Jatin has helped me in understanding scope of automation and it’s implications. Also has been a great tutor in how to automate it!
Rahul Patil
Rahul P.
10:46 01 Nov 18
The course curriculum is good. Easy to understand and can gain much better knowledge regarding the subject. Doubts were cleared/resolved Instantly. No hurry in completing the concepts and comfortable self study time is provided and ease of operating there with flexible schedules. The clarity of concepts with real time projects led to all round development ( Also Mock Sessions ) which is required as a prerequisite to get placed and work in companies. I would recommend anyone who wants to pursue knowledge in automation field to go with this academy. Thanks Jatin.
Shoeb Patel
Shoeb P.
10:08 01 Nov 18
Thank you for such a thorough course! My only regret is that I did not find this class sooner! Thank you!
Joyce Dsouza
Joyce D.
07:53 01 Nov 18
This is very good for those who are looking to make their career in Automation Testing and Devops .In this course it will cover initial foundation level of Automation Testing and other concept which is very useful to understand the real world scenario.So,just go for this course without second thought. All the very best to Jatin.Really this course is something i have been looking for long period of time now i finally got it.I am learning it……
shinu roy
shinu R.
07:01 01 Nov 18
I cleared my ISTQB foundation exam because of you! πŸ˜€
10:38 31 Oct 18
This is a great course and Jatin is a great instructor.This course is very in-depth and nicely paced for anybody to understand.It covers all of the subject materials/objectives of the exam and is explained very well.I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get hands dirty into automation.Thank you Jatin
dilip singh
dilip S.
10:38 31 Oct 18
Jatin teaching deserves a five star from my perspective, being a newbie to both java and selenium this course explained every aspect that a learner need to know and understand. I am able to practice and create a customized framework on my own after completing this course. I will recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn SeleniumThanks Jatin
Abhi Gaikwad
Abhi G.
10:33 31 Oct 18
Jatin taught with Full of hands-on demonstration. Important points have been repeated appropriately and helped me learn Automation Testing from scratch.
tushar pawar
tushar P.
10:31 31 Oct 18
Coming from a non technical background, Jatin has helped me not only learn how to test an application but also help learn programming and helped in create automation frameworkfrom scratch. Comparing to other so called Learning Institutes which charges a lot and just teach only theoretical stuff, Jatin teaches with hands on and give practical examples.Thanks a lot Jatin !!
prashanth kumar
prashanth K.
09:42 31 Oct 18
Engaging, covered many tools. Quick reply to questions. Learned a lot.
vikas chaudhari
vikas C.
09:18 31 Oct 18
This is a great course and Jatin is a great instructor.I just took my ISTQB exam today and passed because of himThis course is very in-depth and nicely paced for anybody to understand.It covers all of the subject materials/objectives of the exam and is explained very well.I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get ISTQB certified.Thank you Jatin
Vikas Chivilkar
Vikas C.
08:55 31 Oct 18
Jatin gave me a head start into Automation. Plus the confidence needed to begin my Test Automation Journey.I learn a lot with Jatin and he was always there to help me. He helped me move to Automation testing from Manual Testing!!EXCELLENT Teacher
Ritu Sharma
Ritu S.
06:47 31 Oct 18
It was a great experience. I was very much new to Automation Testing when I started with Jatin in Aug 2018 and now I am confident and because of him I was able to switch my job.
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek K.
06:42 31 Oct 18
Thank you for the great teaching! I’ve got all the needed information to be quite confident about Automation Testing.
Pratik Padvekar
Pratik P.
06:10 31 Oct 18
Clearly structured information, everything is well explained. The quality of the programme is wonderful. An amazing experience which I’ve participated in and I would recommend it to everyone!
Pushpendra Kumar
Pushpendra K.
06:05 31 Oct 18
Thanks a lot for such a wonderful teaching. This is amazing Automation course and somehow you feel that Jatin understand whats going on in your mind.His Teaching gave me lot of confidence .. Feels like classroom coaching.Thanks again .. This course is wonderful and better than other Learning Institutes
Next Reviews
Sheenam Kapoor
Sheenam Kapoor
19:19 26 Aug 19
Perfect place to improve your coding skills. Great work !
Siddhesh Ingawale
Siddhesh Ingawale
10:29 28 Jun 19
doesn’t matter how much you know about automation testing, you’ll learn a lot many things about it once you enroll !I would recommend this for a beginner to kinda expert..because I am sure both will learn many things out of it..be it small or big !!bonus points:1. you get the videos of lecture you attend for reference and to practice !2. you can contact the lecturer any time of a day !3. he(lecturer) connects with you in no time !4. and the list goes on.. !!
Jitu Pawar
Jitu Pawar
10:34 11 Apr 19
I would recommend this course to everyone who looking for job in testing field.
Bhagyashree Nahata
Bhagyashree Nahata
13:27 08 Feb 19
What I like about Test Automation Academy: 1. First of all, the course content is of rich quality and it is comprehensive as well.2. Second, the range of course materials, like self paced materials, assignments, live classes, recordings of live classes etc which are available all the time. These are really helpful for strong hold on the topic.3. Obviously the tutor, Jatin. His sheer determination, fluid explanation of even the hard topics and most importantly his patience is what a student needs. 😊
Siddhesh Ingawale
Siddhesh Ingawale
10:57 06 Nov 18
Great course for all those who wants to do automation or to them who already are doing little bit of it !
Kunal Rajbhoj
Kunal Rajbhoj
07:04 06 Nov 18
Great course
Anurag Srivastava
Anurag Srivastava
16:41 04 Nov 18
I found it very helpful.