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What I Offer

#1 Training Course for learning Automation Testing and DevOps

In depth Course

We focus on building a strong base by learning every topic in depth that will help you in your IT career!

Gamified Learning

The learning process is simplified by helping you learn via a gaming roadmap level! we start from easy topic and end till the hard topics

Realworld Projects

The biggest problem students and professional face is not having real project experience. We build the project together! and automate it together and that project can be showed in the resume!


Progress Tracking

I like to track the progress of my students and help them improve in their learning!

Lessons Plans

Each course is broken down into simple process that you can learn by your self!!

Interview Preparation

Each lesson is written in such a detailed and simple words that you can crack any IT interviews.

Simplied Learning Process

With Easy to Hard learning path you can are always motivated to solve and get better at your work!

Study Planner

Study Planner helps in planning your day so that you don’t procrastinate and also find time in your busy scheduled! 

Doubt Solving lectures

Special doubt solving lectures are scheduled so that your doubts can be cleared from time to time basis!

My Master class

Few Demo Videos from the master class  

Learn more than 30+ courses with step by step guide

What People Are Saying

Jatin is an excellent tutor. same goes for the course material. Everything is planned from basic to advanced. This shows how much effort he has put in drafting the course material.

The most important thing is he will give an assignment and take feedback/ reverse knowledge session just before the class which encourage us to do a revision of the course 🙂

Overall I am happy with the Test Automation Academy.

Bhanu Sisodia

Excellent tutor, structured approach, and awesome teaching skills. The course is designed in such a way to provide maximum exposure to the latest technology being used in Industry.

I would highly recommend this course to freshers and also working professionals who want growth in their career path.

Jaidev Singh Sawhney

“Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Sed molestie, velit ut eleifend sollicitudin, neque orci tempor nulla, id sagittis nisi ante nec arcu. Fusce porta bibendum convallis. Morbi fringilla sollicitudin scelerisque.”

David Cole, Monarch

Test Automation Academy is a great site to learn automation. The set of courses provided here are best suitable for freshers and experienced folks. This has helped me when I was trying to give interviews and also day to day work.
The best part is that the course material is created by industry experts. I would like to suggest people reading this review to subscribe to this site if you are serious about interviews and growth in career.

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