How to launch a linux droplet in Digital Ocean

Hello All and welcome to the new post in which we discuss how can we launch a Linux droplet in the digital ocean.

We all know it is important to know the cloud technologies whether you are developer or tester. Working in cloud-based technology is a must and you should be aware of working in more than two to three environments.

I started my career in working on AWS Infrastructure and I decided that it would be great to explore other vendors too. So I started researching Azure, Google Cloud, etc and then one fine day I stumbled upon this pretty sleek cloud service provider called Digital Ocean or DO.

The learning curve of DO is pretty simple and the UI of the website is simple and easy to learn.

So for all my readers, I decided why not I create a quick post on how to launch a Linux droplet in Digital Ocean.

What is the Digital Ocean?

It is a unique cloud hosting provider that offers cloud computing services to business entities so that they can scale themselves by deploying DigitalOcean applications that run parallel across multiple cloud servers without compromising on performance!

In January 2018, it achieved the title of being the third-largest cloud hosting company in the world in terms of web-facing computers.

DigitalOcean infrastructure is a leading cloud service provider based in the United States of America. Their headquarter operates from does clenbuterol give you energy New York City, and their data centers are prevalent in every corner of the world in order to provide seamless cloud services across the globe.

What is Droplet in Digital Ocean?

DigitalOcean Droplets are Linux-based virtual machines (VMs) that run on top of virtualized hardware. Each Droplet you create is a new server you can use, either standalone or as part of a larger, cloud-based infrastructure.

In simple terms what you call an EC2 instance in AWS, its called Droplet in Digital Ocean.

So without wasting time let’s get started in setting up our own Linux droplet in Digital Ocean.

How to launch a Linux droplet in Digital Ocean

Step 1: Login into the Digital Ocean Console:

Step 2: Create a new project that you want to work upon. A project is just a workspace that will hold all the resources[Droplet, storages, etc] to maintain at one place only.

Step 3: Click on create new resource and click on new Droplet

Step 4: One thing that find annoying is that you can only create Linux instances in Digital ocean and not windows instance.

Step 5: Select the OS version you want and select the zone where this droplet needs to be created.

Step 6: Givc this droplet a name and click on launch now!

and boom done!

You have created your linux instance in digital ocean.

Now Lets see how to connect to this droplet via your cmd or terminal

Step 7: Open your windows terminal and type the command:

ssh root@<ipaddress>

Enter the password

Step 8: You are steroids for sale connect to the linux terminal

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