Cover Letter Format for Interview

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Before applying to companies directly over their website or via LinkedIn or email, it is important to have a cover letter shared with HR. Not only it is a professional but it also shows that you have are very much serious about the role you are applying for.

When I take interviews, I see often a lot of employees just share a long resume by giving a brief about their current roles and responsibilities.

In order to leave a good impact on the HR and interviewer, it’s always good to share a detailed cover letter with them.

Let’s try to look at the sample Cover Letter format:

Note: I have customized the cover letter for employees having the experience above 2 years. All you need to do is tbol for cutting edit the highlighted text as per your details [name, details and company, and designation].

Always share cover letter along with your resume even when it’s not said.


You can download the copy from� here : Cover Letter Format

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