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The Detailed Curriculum

Git Fundamentals

In this course, we will learn and understand what is GIT and how to use Git in an existing or a new project. We will also learn to create Git Strategy and how it plays an important role in the Continous Integration and Deployment.

4 Hours

Java Fundamentals

We will learn about Java Concepts like Data types, Variables, Conditional Statements, Methods, Classes, Interfaces, Arrays and Collections. We will also learn how to handle files using Java which will be useful for generating reports and log files. Lastly, we will end this course by creating a console-based Java Project.

50 Hours

Python Fundamentals

In this course you will learn data types, data structures, OOP concepts, File handling, etc.

16 Courses

Continuous Testing Strategies

In this course you will learn what is DevOps, how to implement DevOps and a case study to understand how DevOps is used in real life scenarios.

7 Courses


Till module 6 we have wrapped up till API Automation and reading external data source. Lets take the framework ahead and perform UI actions using Selenium Webdriver.

10 Hours


In this course you’ll learn getting started with cypress, working with features of cypress and it’s role in API Testing and also cypress with CI/CD.

7 Courses

web driver io

You’ll learn what web driver io is, and how to use it. We’ll learn frameworks.

7 Courses

Test NG Framework

We used Rest Assured to perform API calls using Java, we used Apache POI, Commons and Open CSV to read data from External data source. But now we will start doing assertions using Test NG Fundamentals.

4 Hours

Working with Jenkins

In this module you will learn how to setup Jenkins on AWS, Azure and Digital ocean. We will also create folders, create free style, maven and pipeline plan. In case you are planning to appear then this course module will help you crack Jenkins Certified Engineer course.

8 hours

Building End to End CI/CD

Learn to Buils End to End Deployment Process on Complex Live Project


Postman is an API Testing Tool. Using Postman we can perform black-box testing of APIs. In this course, we will learn how to integrate postman with git and Jenkins and build a continuous testing job.

8 Hours


You will learn programming JS fundamentals and basic object-oriented concepts using the latest JavaScript syntax. 

36 Courses

AWS Master Class

You’ll learn about cloud computing, EC2 compute service, Virtual Private Cloud, S3 storage, Glacier and various services that aws offers.

19 Courses

Rest Assured

We will start making API calls using Rest Assured and also work with different methods of Rest Assured and start building Java-Based Automation Project.

7 Hours


In this course you’ll learn how to install protractor, how to write tests, build frameworks and continuous testing with jenkins¬†

19 Courses

Apache POI and Open CSV

In Java module we have already learnt how to work with files but this time we will work external libary like Apache POI, Open CSV and Apache Commons and Fillo library to work with files and create, read and write operations.

4 Hours

Building End to End Framework

In this module you will see me building an E2E framework for JSP application and you can watch the same video for building the framework with me.

5 Hours

Code Quality using SONAR

In this module you will learn what is code quality, why we should do it and benefit of code quality. We will also setup SONAR on AWS, Azure and Digital Ocean and try to perform code quality check for JSP project.

 5 hours

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19 Courses

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